The Newsletter of the Fort Mifflin Historic Preservation Group 

The Fort Mifflin CANNON   is a volunteer effort, spurred on by dedicated, modern-day patriots who feel it is their mission to make certain the gates to the fort stay open for future generations.

 The CANNON  is accepting submissions of noteworthy events, personal histories and stories pertaining to Fort Mifflin and US veterans.  If you would like to contribute articles,  photos or artwork for publication in the newsletter, please contact the editor at the address below with your ideas.  (Sorry, folks!  Because this is strictly a volunteer effort, no compensation is provided.  However, authors get the satisfaction of having their work viewed by a large audience while spreading the word about a great cause, and retaining full ownership of their work.)

See your FORT EVENT published in the next issue for FREE Please send a brief description, including graphics, photos and web links.  The name of a contact person(s) who can answer questions and a method of contact must be included for verification purposes.  All submissions will be verified prior to publication.  (The Editor assumes no responsibility for inaccurate information or omitted items.)

YOU can help get the word out that  TOGETHER, WE CAN SAVE THE FORT!

TO SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE, or to SEND COMMENTS, IDEAS and SUBMISSIONS please choose the appropriate department below:

Be sure to put the correct subject in your e-mail!


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